11.08.01 - Shot Down In Flames

11.08.01 – Shot Down In Flames

This episode was cut short due to the exclusive Lady Bearcats Basketball coverage with Beck and Taylor holding down the fort in the studio.  The hour that remains, however, is pure gold, as the boys feign displeasure at recently announced tuition hikes, and Beck tries to put the moves on in-studio guest Christine.

11.15.01 - Bad Boys

11.15.01 – Bad Boys

Shotzy and Kevin join Beck, The Goddess and The Princess and debate why good girls are attracted to bad boys.  Also, Aaron Stigger and Beck make a non-apology for a bit of ethnic insensitivity.

10.25.01 - So Not Blue

10.25.01 – So Not Blue

The Princess gives here Seal of Approval for all Miramax films, The Diva gives her take on the new Nintendo GameCube, and in-studio guests, So Not Blue, make their internet debut!

10.18.01 - That's Affirmative

10.18.01 – That’s Affirmative

  Resident medical expert and UC alum, Dr. Al Bendova, makes his first call to the WCR crew.  We also try to bring some serious content to the campus with UC Student Body President, Rob Richardson, who talks about recent affirmative action goings on.

10.11.01 - We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

10.11.01 – We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

After pulling all the wires and turning all the knobs, we finally were able to bring a show to the masses.  The topic of the day was the new fangled video rental vending machine (a Cinevault)!  Again, we bring you the future, today (but really 11 years ago)…

08.15.02 - The End of an Era

08.15.02 – The End of an Era

August 15th not only marked the death of Elvis, it also marked the last time Taylor and Beck would share a microphone.  Oh, and The Diva killed The Goddess’ cat.  Poor pussy cat.